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UnLtd Award

Just a very quickie, we’re really proud to be working with UnLtd and to have received our first funding with them. Plans are afoot for our first ‘role model’ films … amongst other exciting things. We’re also attending the Shine conference in early May, the UnConference, for social entrepreneurs, so hope to get some great contacts there to and to talk PinkStinks for hours and hours and hours … .

Emma & Abi with Guri - our development manager

Emma & Abi with Guri - our development manager

I dreamed a dream?

It’s an exciting day for us tomorrow, as we’re going to be meeting with other winners of Unltd awards for social entrepreneurs. We’ll be networking and attending workshops, and also I think be feeling very proud of our achievements.

PinkStinks was conceived almost a year ago, and in that year we’ve probably learnt more than we expected, met and spoken with many, many more people than we expected and maybe enjoyed ourselves in the meantime a bit more than we expected too.

Someone we’re definitely looking forward to meeting is Ruth Rogers from Body Gossip, a former winner of the award, and a project that is going from strength to strength. It just goes to show how there really is a movement at the moment of people that really have had enough of the marketing, image obsessed, celebrity culture that we are all immersed in, and we hope that together, all the different projects out there, and journalists and writers who are challenging it, well … maybe we can start to make a difference.

It’s fitting really, on the week that Susan Boyle shot to fame on ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘, where the three judges sneered down their noses in derision at her, as if she’d crawled from under some slimy rock. Where we were treated to shots of the audience rolling their eyes  and laughing with distaste. Where one judge said ‘everyone was laughing at you’ (that was Piers); and another said ‘everyone was against you … but now they’re not’ (that was Amanda) after she’d sung her amazing rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserable .


‘Everyone’?  I think not Piers and Amanda!  I wasn’t laughing at her. I wasn’t against her! Why were we against her again?  Was it because she was too old, or too fat? Or not preened and manufactured and slutty and plastic enough to have talent!?  Good God, what an insult. An insult to her, an insult to us … it was vile to watch. I’m not for a minute saying that seeing Susan didn’t challenge any of us, ourselves included. To see a woman look the way she does on national prime time TV … but it’s because all we do see, particularly when it comes to entertainment, is the preened, plastic, slutty variety. No wonder even the most open minded amongst us is still in mild shock. But doesn’t it show how far we have to go, to break these dangerous stereotypes, to really judge people, women in particular, on talents not tits.

There are some female bands and singers out there  attempting to do just that. So let’s encourage them, blog about them, buy them, tell our daughters about them. Let’s get the girls guitars and drums. Let’s get the girls making the music, not just gyrating to it with next to nothing on.

We really hope that we can start to showcase some great women entertainers and musicians for girls with our new project, in fact we know we can. So, thank you for the support in the last year, stay tuned and we’ll let you know how we get on tomorrow.