Off-side rule for girls…

Kim Little is top goal scorer of the year

Hooray, England are out of the world cup. Well, not really hooray, as I love a bit of football, love supporting England and was really looking forward to it, like many of us. But now we’re out, and in such spectacularly disappointing style, the press are full swing into the autopsy and it’s been interesting to compare and contrast the achievements of our men to that of our women’s team.

Yesterday those achievements were celebrated at the 12th FA Women’s Football Awards. Kim Little received most honours for being top goal scorer as well as many others including Natasha Dowie, Katie Chapman and Jordan Nobbs (seen below) who was young player of the year.

We’d like to add our congratulations to these women and to shout from the roof-tops about their successes as well as to the inspirational Hope Powell, Lewisham born,  for receiving her CBE in this years Queen’s honours list. So great to have so many role models for our girls to aspire to be… a bit more of this and a little less of the ‘Future WAG’ or ‘WAG in training’ t.shirts wouldn’t go amiss, how about Future Football Manager, or Future Young player of the year instead?

Hilarious.... isn't it?

Ironic, or just plain sad really, that our highstreets are plastered in the *hilarious WKD ads. (Dare I mention them in case I get the usual onslaught  accusing me of not having a sense of humour…yawn yawn (see Guardian piece today, including string of vitriol below),

Well, I do dare, because the plain fact of the matter is, is that whilst we’re busily being told how stupid we all are in the ads… Sport England’s Active People survey in 2008 tells us that 260,000 women and 1.1 million girls play some form of football in England and that there are 26 million females playing across the world, of which 4.1 million are playing affiliated football – this is a 54% growth since the year 2000 (FIFA Big Count 2006) and I’d wager that those numbers have risen since then too.

Young Player of the Year - Jordan Nobbs

So, whilst you ‘ad lads’ are all having a laugh at the expense of the girls (offside rule blue ad) and even the WAGS (the orange ad) whilst supping your neon alcopops… there are loads of us ‘girls’ who know exactly what off-side is thanks…. and it’s our job to remind you that we exist. So before you have a go at me for daring to speak up about how pathetic, the ads are…

I’d focus on reminding our ‘lads’ where the back of the net was first…. no?

10 responses to “Off-side rule for girls…

  1. So pleased you’ve picked up on and ‘had a go’ about those WKD ads – I have noticed them and found them really pathetic/offensive. Have wondered about making a complaint to the ASA – worth it or not?

    • Jeremy – definitely worth an email complaint. They have to reply to you and they anonymously forward all complaints to the company concerned. If the companies receive enough perhaps they will realise they are alienating their market by being so offensive.

  2. A friend of mine referred to the comments at the bottom of articles on newspaper websites as a cesspit. I think he was right.

  3. Well said – the only annoying thing is that there’s no point boycotting WKD because I wouldn’t dream of drinking their vile piss anyway.

    The comments on that article are very depressing, but utterly standard for the Guardian. I don’t agree with everything the radfems say, but honestly? The evidence for their asertion that men hate us is strong, when they get to hide behind anonymity. Look at the recommends on there.

  4. Yes – I couldn’t believe these adverts – it totally made me so cross. We’re not a football watching family at all, but have done a little World Cup action watching – and my daughter (5) after about 30 minutes of watching her first match said – why are they all boys playing – do girls not play football? So thanks for the links to the female football players which I can share with her.

  5. Laurel Dearing

    weirdest thing is… arent wkd and similar drinks usually consumed by women? its just a side point, but youd think theyd want slightly more neutral aim?

  6. I’m glad these adverts have been picked up; I noticed them a while since all over the place and they got me incredibly angry (annoyingly, I had to sit on the anger because I was going to see my family and barely got a word in edgeways all evening). It was made worse by the fact that on the same journey, I saw a young man wearing a t-shirt saying ‘If you’re happy and you know it, show us your t*ts.’ I wish I had been on foot…

  7. Hello!I am a Masters student currently working on my dissertation, relating to women and technology, if you are female I would be really grateful if you would complete the survey I have created, (link follows). Thank you for your time :

  8. These ads are pathetic but just mirror the total lack of coverage and support that women get when playing so called men’s sports – although I have to say the BBC haven’t been too bad on the women’s rugby… We all need to buy the PinkStinks WAGS t shirts!

  9. Great post – so irritating when men think women never play sport. I know know just as many men as women who’re bored by sports but somehow we get the sad ads.
    It’s hard to understand why there is so little coverage and promotion of most women’s sports. The more people know about soccer players like Emma Byrne (Ireland and Arsenal) the sooner we can kick these ads away!
    Found your blog through ‘one sport voice’ – look forward to reading more…

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