I’d rather be pole-dancing

Gymbox: ‘I’d rather be pole-dancing’? You have to be joking? Right???

I saw representatives of this high street gym handing out leaflets in Leicester Square this afternoon, dressed in bright neon yellow jackets, and on the back printed their slogan: ‘I’d rather be pole-dancing’.  So, when I got home I checked out the site and here is what I found:

Want the body of a stripper and any man in town? Then this is the class for you.

Forget ballet, tap and modern, the coolest way to get in the best shape of your life is on a shiny silver pole. How you explain that to your mother however is an entirely different matter. Oh, and here’s why you shouldn’t try it at home.

Yet another example of the mainstreaming of porn culture. It’s too late, and I’ve had too long a day, to go into the vileness of this. Add it to Marge Simpson getting ‘bunnied’ (see previous blog), playboy snowboards, ironic tops for babies with nipple tassles on and any number of other examples of the sexing up of our popular culture, and it becomes ever more obvious how mainstream and acceptable it’s all becoming.

I would like to recommend ‘Female Chauvenist Pigs‘ by Ariel Levy, if you’d like to read more on this raunch culture, as she calls it.


5 responses to “I’d rather be pole-dancing

  1. Just compare this to the appalling rise in the sexual abuse of children now that it is so lucrative on the internet… and the way in which so many young girls are getting sucked into vice rings. There couldn’t possibly be a connection could there?

  2. You mention the pole dancing…have you seen the new dolls for girls that include a pole for dancing? Disgusting!

  3. i found this whole campaign such a monumentous waste of energy and resources that i felt the need to inform you.

    Also whilst playboy is something of an icon, the magazine itself is hardly in the mainstream in terms of readership. Why did you a) Know or b) Care that a /cartoon character/ was on the front cover – bizarre; much like this entire campaign.

  4. I wholly endorse your campaign and hope it comes to New Zealand very soon. I have two small grandsons so now spend quite a bit of time in toy shops and children’s clothes shops and I’m appalled at how far backwards we’ve gone in the gender stereotyping of small children. Over here, the Toys R Us, a major chain, sells dress-up clothes. Little girls can choose between a princess outfit, a fairy outfit or, unbelievably, a “French maid” outfit. This is sick.

  5. good for pinkstinks awareness raising. Am a run-off-my-feet working mum and it’s good to have easy access to info and options to get involved. Have passed details on to familyfriends.

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