Definitely NOT in fashion on MTV – Clothes!

Just had to comment really, after a Saturday night in with the husband. I’m a bit out of touch it must be said, but we flicked through the MTV channels, plus their many cousins.  These days, there are a lot of them. I’m speechless. To put it mildly.

It seems that for women these days, particularly those anywhere near a dance record of any description, it really is not acceptable to be wearing clothes. Video after video, followed video and along came another one, yep and another one gyrating, legs akimbo, writhing and getting all excited. Practically ALL the women were behaving as if they were in some sort of sex-show. But really they’re pop stars, and some of the music really was pretty good. But my god! Where, oh where has everyone’s clothes gone? And what’s worse, is that time and time again, the men in the videos are sitting back, like kings on thrones, whilst women perform for them. They look down their noses, picking and choosing which one is going to be tonight’s lucky woman.

Ok. Examples:

Sugababes‘ new one: lyrics something along the lines of ‘look at me… oooh, I’m sexy’. The three of them dancing around in next to nothing in a cage.

Dizzee Rascal: really funky tune, lots of girls in a club, dancing around him, him choosing which one he’s going to take home (he’s no oil painting, believe me).

Shakira: wearing a 50% covered up catsuit (is that what they’re called?), dancing again, in a cage! Being a she-wolf. Then in another catsuit that’s skin coloured, so she looks naked, legs – spread wide.

Justin Timberlake: with some female soul singer from the states, she is wearing next to nothing, he is seated, whilst she rubs against him, up and down and turns him on.

David Guetta: DJ type, surrounded by women in tiny bikinis, all totally falling all over him.

And I can go on and on and on. I love house music, I love dancing, I love being in a crowd of people all loving the same thing. But tell me: what’s wrong with being in a t-shirt, jeans and trainers and really, really enjoying the tunes? Because by all accounts, in MTV’s world at least, you’re nobody, if you’re not getting the man, competing with other women and getting your body out for everyone else to judge you by. That is not what house music means to me. It couldn’t be further from the truth.


2 responses to “Definitely NOT in fashion on MTV – Clothes!

  1. I agree 100%! A few weeks ago I found myself watching the MTV Video Music Awards with my daughter. I was disappointed to see the women in high heels & very scantily dressed while the males were mostly in baggy jeans & tshirts. So the women were teetering around on the stage while the men look comfortable. Thank goodness my daughter (age 16) agreed with me and admitted that she only watched so she could see Pink on the trapeeze!

  2. Mtv is the worst. Women are consitsantlt thrusting, grinding, writhing in feigned sexual pleasure, oiled and scanty clad and available for cildren to watch at 11 in the morning or any other time. It is absolutely horrific, especially as some of them actually aim their music at children, eg the pussy cat dolls. They absolutely discust me i almost through a party when they split, although i guess we have their solo careers to look forward to!

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