wetsuits vs bikinis

A friend and supporter of PinkStinks sent me a link to an article from the Telegraph last week. Somewhat embarrassing, somewhat tragic, totally pointless. It struck a chord with me, as I took part in the London triathlon this weekend. In stark contrast to the desire to break the world record for getting the most bikini clad women on one beach all at the same time … my gosh, how utterly thrilling.

The triathlon, and countless other events like it, 10ks 5ks, walks and fun runs, encourage participation in sport, team work, competition and of course result in some impressive fund raising for charities. The Telegraph article laments, maybe in tongue in cheek fashion, the failure of this rather pathetic record breaking attempt. Some of the 42 women that bothered to turn up, blamed it on the weather. One woman is quoted as saying “It made me feel pretty embarrassed to be British when we can’t even mount a decent challenge”. Well, you know what, you should have got your wetsuit on, and come and jumped into the docks with the hundreds of other women participants this weekend. There was more than enough reason to be very proud … even despite the fact we all got issued with pink swimming hats!


One response to “wetsuits vs bikinis

  1. I’ve just commented on the beauty pageants article – have been to a triathlon event this weekend – men and women, wide spectrum of ages and abilities.

    There’s achievement – and beauty that means something more than image.


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