Mylie Cyrus lays the critics to waste

Having been lucky enough to be on holiday in the Caribbean this last week, it’s been interesting doing some people watching and seeing how body conscious women are these days when it comes to the dreaded bikini. I wouldn’t exclude myself from this. The anguish of getting you body out in public – and if you’ve had kids, then it’s even worse – or you’ve got a flat chest (yes – that’s me), or you’ve got cellulite (isn’t that everyone?), or if you have hair (GOD FORBID).

But having just read in The Times about how Mylie Cyrus has been lambasted online for being “fat” while wearing her bikini. Good God! She looks fantastic. But there have been internet chatrooms full of people bitching and sniping about her and about how she is fat! FAT??! No one is safe from this horrendous pressure. Someone said on one of these chatrooms: “Miley is a blubber-but”. What a sad, sad indication of how the celebrity skinny obsession is now so deeply ingrained and normalised in our culture. Why are people so interested in her weight? What about her acheivements? What about how hard she works? What about anything other than what she looks like in her bikini.

We all suffer from it one way or another. I have decided that on this holiday my baby belly is out and proud. And just a quick thank you to Mylie for reacting in a positive and brave way. Whatever you think of her and the Disney machine which surrounds her, she was quick and forceful with her response, which as a mother of a seven year old daughter who LOVES her was great to hear. Mylie is UP in my estimations, big time.

PS, my husband just read this post and said “so who the hell is Mylie Cyrus?!” I mentioned Hannah Montana and suddenly he knew more than he thought he did. A very interesting case study to say the least.

One response to “Mylie Cyrus lays the critics to waste

  1. people need to lay offof miley she is just like evryone else why do people have to watch her evry move leave her tha heck alonefor goodness sake!

    reginA#1 fan!

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