So cute, so adorable, so … grotesesque

Just a quickie today because I was made aware of these rather ‘lovely’ wigs for babies which someone in the US thinks are ‘sprinkled with magic’ and will provide: ‘mystical, magical, memorable moments for you and your baby girl to cherish forever’. I was nearly physically ill when I looked at this website. What would ever possess a parent to want one of these things stuck on their beautiful baby’s head!? If you take a look at stage 6 of the how to fit the wig to baby’s head, you are told that a light covering of hairspray will do the trick! I’m almost choking just writing this. Take a look at the picture showing you how it’s done. (No babies were harmed in the making of this demonstration … only a plastic dolly.)

It then struck me that coupled up with some rather fetching high heels for babies … absolutely heeeeelarious … and perhaps a baby bikini (how Fresh, Sassy, Funky and always FUN) well then you’ve got the complete set really. And it’s all so innocent. So much fun. So HORRIBLE. So WRONG.

There are some real issues here which I know we and many others have covered many times before, but I really do despair that people – especially mothers (and I only say this because I am one so can’t speak entirely for fathers – and in all three of these cases it’s mothers who have come up with these ‘brilliant’ ideas) – can’t see what is so blindingly obvious. This is nothing short of sexualisation of little girls … and now babies! To make them seem older, to make us make sure that we know they are girls, for cutesy adorable fun?? It’s blatantly sexualising them. And it really is quite, quite hideous.


4 responses to “So cute, so adorable, so … grotesesque

  1. Hi Emma,

    This article is so disturbing, I am shocked that someone actually thought that baby bangs was a good idea! The poor kid will grow up thinking awful things about herself. I can only imagine how this will effect her self esteem as she grows older. I could go on a rant right now, but just wanted to say you and Abi are doing a fantastic job with this site, and I love reading your blogs. So proud of my sisters!


  2. Please tell me All Fools’ Day lasts right through April!

  3. LOL. OMG. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

    The shoes I thought were funny, but when I got to the bikini home page with the tiny tot in a “sexy pose,” well, hmmmm, suddenly I lost my sense of humour.

    The scary part is mothers are choosing to buy these products. If there wasn’t a market, they would be on offer. Oh dear. Sigh.

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