How to talk to girls … by a nine year old boy

This is just a quick one in reaction to a piece I saw today in that esteemed ‘news’paper … the Metro. Now I admit to picking it up most mornings, not least because it does occasionally provide some leads for good material. And of course the odd howler … which is what greeted me this morning. Blazened across the front page “How to talk to girls” by some 9 year old who has taken the States by storm with his words of wisdom.

He’s been lucky enough to be ‘interviewed’ in the 60 second interview slot (scraping the barrel here a bit I fear) and I frankly couldn’t believe what I was reading. My work colleagues were today treated some stiff language when I got in. Not impressed.

This little nine year old boy talks like … well … a nine year old boy. Who knows NOTHING about anything. He talks about girls who go around in ‘packs’ … like they are animals. And he says: Pretty girls are like cars which need lots of oil. An interesting point of view. One which I’m sure his parents are really proud of. He thinks that ‘normal’ girls have more things on their mind. Staying away from boys like this I hope.

What really riles me about this absolute nonsense is firstly that he is given this space in a paper … and he’s selling books on the back of it. But secondly there has been so much coverage lately (including in the Metro) which talks about the worrying rise in sexual bullying in schools. And here’s a boy who talks about girls like they are animals. And somehow we are supposed think that this is cute? Or clever? Or funny? Or WHAT exactly?

I was tempted to write in a letter to the Metro to complain. But I’m not sure I want my name anywhere near it. Hideous.


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