The need to be naked

Apologies for the silence from the PinkStinks blog over the last few weeks. There’s been a lot going on, and our fantastic news is that we have been successful with our bid for our first funding. This has been a massive bonus and boost for us, and given us the opportunity to start developing some of our ideas further … especially for the website for girls, In the meantime though, our new PinkStinks campaign site is almost ready to launch.

Something that occured to me just last night though, and again serves only as a reminder, if we ever needed one, that what we’re doing is important and right, is this sudden ‘need to be naked’ on TV at the moment. Where has it come from??? And what the HELL, is it all about? Last night’s offering was on BBC3, a group of female estate agents for some unknown reason (I missed the beginning) are taken to a hotel for four days, and given a task to complete. It transpires that this is … yes, you’ve guessed it … to walk naked down a catwalk. They immediately start crying, and shaking and getting all worked up about it. And quite frankly, so would I … but the premise for this load of nonsense is that this is about empowering them, and being some sort of cathartic coming to terms with who they are, and what they stand for … their relationships with their fathers (mostly) and, and … well … something like that anyway.

Then, we go into a whole load of deep and meaningful stuff, about why they hate their bodies so much, and then they have to stand in a field shouting out things like ‘I HATE MYSELF’ and ‘I’M A FAKE’ at the tops of their lungs, to purge these emotions, and to get one step further to the goal of walking NAKED DOWN THE BLOODY catwalk … oh yeah, in front of cameras too of course.

Now stop me if I’m going on a bit, but Gok Wan is kind of fond of all this getting naked stuff … and even Trinny and Susannah have dabbled lately I think too … but I don’t see many men having to get their wobbly bits out in order to prove that they have self worth … or that they are balanced individuals, this seems entirely the realm of women … aren’t we lucky, but frankly I think it’s more like how to get good telly ratings. A good bit of freakshow TV never seemed to hurt anyone did it?

My point, and I had to turn the show off because I couldn’t even bear to watch it till the end (not even for the sake of research), BUT, the point, is that why, oh why can’t we start judging and valuing ourselves on our achievements, goals and dare I say it happiness and fulfilment? Why does happiness have to equate to bearing all for the world to see?? Why can’t we place any value on the meaning behind our lives and our dreams … instead only on getting our bodies out? Gok Wan’s recent programme about self esteem and young people, and particularly those with weight issues did go some way to address more some of these issues. But liberating women by undressing them seems to me to be somewhat counter productive and indeed utterly misleading. Isn’t it this sort of objectification what was fought against by many feminists in the 70s? (Not to much avail when you check out the lads’ mags at eye level in WHSmiths these days.) Let’s face it, we all have ‘issues’. But getting my body out for millions of strangers isn’t really going to sort them out. I for one would like to be judged, and more importantly to judge myself, on much more than that.

(Also, interesting to note that both Gok and Trinny & Susannah do a nice line underwear to ‘fix’ all these problems we have with our bodies.)


3 responses to “The need to be naked

  1. I’m glad you flagged up this programme about the estate agents. I see it seems to be a series! I’ve caught bits of it a couple of times now and the whole concept disturbs me a great deal. I’m not sure whether it’s the way i feel for these women, crying and shaking as they talk about how they hate themselves, or the things they have to do in order to ‘get rid of their demons’. Either way, it’s not something i think should be on television.

  2. I agree! I also don’t see why, in order to prove that you have dignity and respect for yourself, to feel empowered and female, you should be forced to strip to prove you are a comfortable (because outwardly sexual) being.

  3. I’m a 15 year old girl and this disgusts me…

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