Even snowboarders get ‘bunny’d’

So – I’m sorry to be so repetitive about this, but Burton have teamed up with Playboy and made a range of snowboards … Yes … you heard me correctly. We missed this when they were launched, but I stumbled across  it today, and just find the whole thing so insulting, ‘the slopes have never looked so good’ apparently … so even snowboarders have been ‘bunny’d’!
The TES did an article on Playboy merchandising and imagery and its impact. An interesting read.
I contacted my good friend Joanne, a very accomplished snowboarder, for some feedback and thoughts on this Burton special edition …
The half naked woman board? I saw one of these in action a couple of weeks ago and thought “what an awful board”. It was sadly being ridden by a man in his late 40s/early 50s – a middle aged man having a mid-life crisis riding a hot woman? Ha, in your dreams mate! I thought.
Terrible aren’t they? Burton have done playboy boards before (I think they even did a girls one once, but I could be wrong about that) but just black with the bunny design. This time it’s really a bit much!
There’s been a lot of hype about these boards in the States. I think that Burton are genius at marketing and it’s not the first time they’ve put controversial board designs out there. They know that people will protest and shout loudly about it, giving it heaps of publicity. Many people will think it’s a disgrace! And, unfortunately, all this publicity means that their target buyers of these boards, teenage and early 20s boys (and the occasional sad middle-aged man) will not only hear all about them, but think they are cool and want one! As they are limited edition everyone will want to get hold of one and sales, as always with Burton, will be huge.
I’m not particularly offended by the images of the women personally, if they are in a Playboy magazine where, if I want to look at them, I can buy one. However, I really don’t want them paraded in my face while I’m on a beautiful mountain giving me no choice but to see them and I certainly don’t want Saul (my son) exposed to this sort of thing at a very young age while he’s hanging around in a snowboard park watching older boys. Burton, who ironically run camps especially for women to get them into the sport (they really do want everyone), are sending out totally the wrong message to their mainly young customers – male and female. It would be nice to think this board will fail, but I’m sure it won’t sadly.
One good thing about them though, you see a guy on one of these and you can make a pretty accurate judgement about what a complete tw@t he is, and avoid him!
And the dudes who are REALLY cool will avoid them (along with the boards out with people chopping off their fingers with scissors, etc. which are also offensive! But that’s a whole nother argument).
Below is how Burton describe their ‘LOVE’ boarding range … 


Hi. My name is Love™ and I’m on the market for someone who’s looking to score serious action, no matter where they like to stick it. I enjoy laps through the park; long, hard grinds on my meaty Park Edges followed by a good, hot waxing. Whether you’re hitting it from the front or the back, my mid wide shape, supple flex, and twin tips like it kinky. Keegan and Mikkel love riding me, I hope you will too. 

Sound a bit more like some card you could pick up out of a telephone box in SOHO!

4 responses to “Even snowboarders get ‘bunny’d’

  1. Come on they are a great marketing idea. Its got us talking about them

    • As our piece says … yes … a brilliant piece of marketing. But then that doesn’t make it right or acceptable. Think about how parents of small children feel being subjected to images like that while their trying to enjoy a family holiday. And when you then look into the other areas of children’s lives that the playboy brand gets into – pencil cases for school etc, what kind of messages does that send to girls?

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