What is a role model?

What is a role model?

At PinkStinks, we want to be quite clear about what we believe makes someone a role model. 
One of the problems over recent years, is that the press and media seems to have decided that in order to be a role model, you not only need to be famous, rich and beautiful, but you also need to be a saint.
At PinkStinks, we believe quite the opposite … our role models are people that have achieved great things, scaled great heights, taken risks, done something amazing, challenged stereotypes or overcome huge odds. We think that if girls were presented with images of all kinds of achievements, they might actually start to value themselves, and their own talents and ambitions a little bit more. We also believe that  our role models will be role models based on the achievements, and those alone, despite what may have happened to them in the past, despite having human failings and despite being not quite perfect. If we were only looking for perfection, then we’d be on a wild goose chase … and there’d be no-one on our list. Or we’d be like the press … building people up to be heroes, then tearing them down once their skeletons came out of the closet.
So … we’ll be talking to women from all sorts of backgrounds, who are not only gold medal winners, or Nobel Prize winners … but people that might also live next door to you. There are loads of them … and they are an inspiring lot. Let’s enable our children to see the success that is all around them, let’s encourage them to value themselves despite their own failings, let’s inspire them to want to achieve. 
And let’s inspire ourselves as parents too … armed with information, tools and knowledge, to defy the culture of pink … and build a culture of well.. to coin a phrase … ‘yes …we …can’

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