A glamorous edge?

Today’s Metro featured those delightful high-heeled shoes for babies … which it seems are now trying to break into the UK market. We talked about these shoes a while back – but it seems they are taking off. And what a sad fact that is.  

For a mere £19.99 you too can enjoy the ‘fun, hilarity and glamour’ of these high-heels … for babies. Oh dear. I look at the picture and just despair that we now think it’s acceptable to dress little girls up in clothing which many women wouldn’t even want to wear. Leopard skin and zebra prints? Satin and polka dots? All in a “darling purse-shaped gift box, complete with a rhinestone closure”. Please stop!

Is it really right that we should be using the word glamour when it comes to talking about babies? I’m really not so sure. In fact it’s just wrong … on so many different levels. And yes, we’ll probably be accused of being a kill-joy or something for saying that but what happened to kids being kids – and babies being babies? Bring back those black plimsolls which we all used to wear. Please.

Interestingly today’s article merely hinted at the fact that feedback on the shoes had been ‘mixed’. And interestingly enough, the FAQs on the Heels for Her site states: “The shoes are not intended to harm children in any way – they are intended to be hilarious!”

 Well – I’m not amused in the slightest.


2 responses to “A glamorous edge?

  1. The picture of a baby wearing these shoes actually makes me physically sick. I think we should start a facebook campaign to have them shut down.

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