Laser beam focus

We had an amazing day yesterday at Everywoman’s annual conference – meeting other business-women and really being encouraged by the reception that we had. One delegate commented that she’d looked down the list of names and businesses and that PinkStinks stood out to her as the one she wanted to find out more about! And we met other women running amazing networks and developing new ideas for services and products which were innovative and above all really creative. What really struck us though – throughout the whole day – was the number of times we heard the words ‘role model’. And we felt totally reaffirmed in our mission and in the value of what we want to do and achieve. 

The highlight of the day – and I reckon I speak for everyone who was there – was listening to Ruby Wax‘s talk – where she not only made us laugh – but she really gave some brilliant advice on confidence and self-belief – without for one moment straying into being cliched or corny. She too talked about the celebrity culture which she finds herself a part of and she described the apparent confusion between celebrity and interesting! “The day we believed that Posh Spice was interesting was the day we descended into hell”, she said! Music to the entire audience’s ears. Especially as the women who had featured during the day had such amazing stories to tell, as well as such success. I managed to give Ruby a PinkStinks business card. I hope she finds it and has a spare moment to look at the site. Fingers crossed.

Looking back on some of the notes we made is quite interesting. I scribbled down some of the best quotes and most meaningful snippets of wisdom which came from the speakers. Abi’s favourite – “Bite off more than you can chew … and chew it!” That was Karen Darby (Founder of Simply Switch); an amazing speaker and very funny as well. Her top tip for business success – laser beam focus! Something which I think Abi and I are now determined to have!! Another great one from her: “If you don’t get carried away, then you should be!” Now, that’s one that I don’t think me and Abi need much practice with. Ask our friends!

Finally – and this is one which really resonated with me – someone said to me: “What are you waiting for?!” Good question. We’re inspired and we’re going to be taking some big steps with PinkStinks over the coming weeks. So the answer is NOTHING. (There… it’s in writing now …)


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